Zilla Panchayat is the apex body under the Panchayati Raj System at the District level. The south Goa district consist of seven Talukas.  There are 25 Zilla Panchayat constituencies in the South Goa District. The first Zilla Panchayat Body in the south Goa District was elected in the year 2000.

Tenure :
The tenure of the Zilla Panchayat is for a term of five years. People elect the Zilla Panchayat member directly. Each Zilla Panchayat constituency consist of whole of a village or part of two or three villages.

Composition :
The Zilla Panchayat South Goa District shall consist of Twenty Five elected Zilla Panchayat members

In addition, the following will be the Ex-Officio members of the Zilla Panchayat.

  1. Memebers of parliament who are registered as the electors within the district.
  2. Such number of the State Legislative Assembly as may be prescribed. Provided further that the total no. of Members of such Member shall not exceed the numbers of Talukas in the District.
  3. Chairperson of Panchayat in each Talukas of the District, elected from among themselves in the ratio of one such Chairperson of a Taluka having upto 15 Panchayats and 2 such Chairperson for having more than 15 Panchayats.

Tenure : 
The term of the ex. officio Members of the Zilla Panchayat shall be co-terminus with the term of Member of Parliament or Member of State Legislative Assembly or Member of Gram Panchayat as the case may be.

Adhyaksha :
Zilla Panchayat shall be headed by Adhyaksha who is elected by its Members from among themselves. There shall be Upadhyaksha to assist the Adhyaksha of the Zilla Panchayat who is also elected among the Members.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat shall be appointed by the Government who shall not be below the Rank of Collector of the District. Chief Executive Officer shall be overall incharge for day to day functioning of the Zilla Panchayat body.

The Zilla Panchayat body shall meet at least once in two months for transaction of business. This shall be referred as Ordinary Meeting. The 1/3rd of the total Members of the Zilla Panchayat shall form quorum for transacting the business at the Meeting of the Zilla Panchayat. 

Z.P. Members ( Current Term )

Umakant Mahadev Gawde - (Usgao-Ganje)
Shramesh Sukdu Bhosle - (Betqui-Candola)
Priya Babu Chari - (Curti)
Damodar Govind Naik - (Veling-Priol)
Ganpat Dharmu Naik - (Queula)
Dipak Tiru Naik Borkar - (Borim)
Narayan Nanda Kamat - (Shiroda)
Domnic Minguel Gaonkar - (Raia)
Assuciana Roman Sobrinho e Rodrigues - (Nuvem)
Vania Valankani Baptista - (Colva)
Juliao Gregorio Fernandes - (Velim)
Hanzel Feleciano Fernandes - (Benaulim)
Ulhas Yeshwant Tuenkar - (Davorlim)
Sanjana Sanjay Velip - (Guirdolim)
Michelle Moreno Rebello - (Curtorim)
Suvarna Subodh Prabhu Tendulkar - (Sanvordem)
Sudha Govind Gaonkar - (Darbandora)
Suresh Datta Kepekar - (Rivona)
Sidharth Shrinivas G. Dessai - (Xeldem)
Khushali Jorgo Velip - (Barcem)
Shanu Shankalu Velip - (Cola)
Shobhana Shambu Velip - (Poinguinim)
Anita Ajay Thorat - (Sancoale)
Antonio Vas - (Cortalim)

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  • It tries to Conference-ordinate the working Panchayats and Panchayat Samiti in the district.
  • The Panchayat Samiti passes their annual budget and sends it to the Zilla Parishad. The Zilla Parishad gives its approval to the budget after considering it thoroughly.
  • If a Panchayat Samiti does not perform its functions properly, the Zilla Parishad can assist it in the performance of its duties.
  • It makes effort to improve the living standard of the village life; it also tries for the development of village life.
  • It can give suggestion to the Government regarding the development of villages.
  • The Govt. can shift responsibility by making any plan or project in success on the Zilla Parishad.
  • The Zilla Parishad with the approval of the government can collect money from the Panchayat Samitis.

For more infromation click to download Panchayat Raj Act and Rules

Designation occupied since inception

Adhyaksha's of SGZP

Suvarna Subodh Prabhu Tendulkar


Shri. Navnath G. Naik

07-04-15 to 19-02-2020

Smt. Nelly Rodrigues

21-08-12 to 28-02-15

Smt. Maria Luz Rebello

18-03-10 to 02-08-12

Shri. Clafacio J. Dias

15-06-07 to 17-03-10

Shri. Joseph A. Dias

01-09-06 to 25-05-07

Shri. Alexio R. Lourenco

29-03-05 to 15-08-06

Smt. Nelly Rodrigues

25-07-03 to 13-03-05

Smt. Seema J. Sawant

18-10-01 to 04-07-03

Smt Oliva A. C. E. Costa

06-05-00 to 19-09-01

Upadhaksha of SGZP

Khushali Jorgo Velip


Smt. Chitra P. Phadte

07-04-15 -19-02-2020

Shri. Navnath G. Naik

07-12-12 to 16-02-15

Shri. Daya T. Pagi

25-10-11 to 06-12-12

Shri. Khushali J. Velip

18-03-10 to 26-09-11

Smt. Suvarna R. Zambaulikar

19-05-08 to 17-03-10

Smt. Savita K. Velip

23-04-07 to 25-03-08

Smt. Veena C. Cardozo

09-03-05 to 16-02-07

Shri. Atul K. Verlekar

17-04-03 to 13-03-05

Shri. Rohidas L. Naik

06-05-00 to 03-03-03

Chief Executive Officers of SGZP

Shri. Sanjiv Gadkar


Smt. Triveni Velip

06/10/2020- 10/01/2021

Shri. Agnelo Fernandes

24/6/2019 - 05/10/2020

Florina S. Colaco

01-08-2018 - 24-06-2019

Pandharinath N. Naik

01-11-2017 - 31-07-2018

K. V. Signapurkar

11-10-12 to 31-10-2017

N. S. Navti

16-06-09 to 27-09-10

N. R. Sawant

16-02-09 to 16-06-09

N. S. Navti

22-03-07 to 16-02-09

Y. B. Tavde

06-07-06 to 31-10-06

G. H. Kenaudekar

19-08-05 to 06-07-06

G. H. Kenaudekar

19-08-05 to 06-07-06

C. J. Kamble

23-06-03 to 12-07-05

J. B. Bhingui

01-01-03 to 22-06-03

J. B. Bhingui

01-01-03 to 22-06-03

Choleti Prabhakar

09-10-02 to 31-12-02

G. H. Kenaudekar

15-03-02 to 08-10-02

C. J. Kamble

04-12-01 to 14-03-02

Sandip Jacques

29-10-01 to 03-12-01

K.B. Surjuse

30-08-01 to 28-10-01

P.M. Borkar

24-04-00 to 28-08-01